Shorsh Saleh is a Kurdish mixed media artist, carpet designer and weaver. His works focus on the subject of migration, border and identity. Based in the UK, he has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Saleh studied MA Traditional Arts at The Prince’s Foundation,School of Traditional Arts, London, where he has been teaching carpet weaving since 2015. 

His works are held in The Royal Collection Trust,The Prince's Foundation, British Museum, Bagri Foundation and The Islamic Art Museum, Malaysia.


07526 815421

Solo Exhibitions:

Remembering Yezidis, Faculty of Human Sciences ,Iraqi Kurdistan, 2015

Always Colour,Always Rain, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2000

Group Exhibitions:

Making Paradise, Aga Khan Centre Gallery, London,2021

Refugees: Forced to Flee, Imperial War Museum, London, 2020-2021

Carpet pages ll, The Art Pavilion, London,2019

Sink Without Trace, P21 Gallery, London, 2019

Borderless, Migration Museum, London, 2019

Branches, Manor House, London, 2019

The Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World, British Museum, 2018 

Carpet Pages l, Willesden Green Gallery, London, 2018

Prince & Patron, Buckingham Palace, 2018

Kurdish Diaspora, Red Door Studios, London, 2018

Contemporary Art through Living Tradition, PSTA Gallery, London, 2018

Meridian Stone Project, Street Road Artists Space, USA, 2017

Mother Love, Berlin, Germany, 2015- 2016

Mother Love, Lebanon, 2016

University of Sulimanyha, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2015

Degree Show, The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London, 2014

Open Show, Leeds Art Gallery, 2010

Final Day, Temple Works, Leeds, 2009

Anfal,Kurdish Art and Culture,  Manchester, UK, 2008

Nawroz, Kurdish Art and Culture, Manchester, UK, 2007

Remembering Halabja Kurdish Art and Culture, Manchester, UK, 2006